The whole duty of man.

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole [duty] of man.
Ecclesiastes 12:13 (NIV)

Beloved, please imbibe the habit of searching the scriptures intensively,daily  because therein is a lot of wisdom that can make life most fulfilling! Here in the verse above is a profound statement, it says what the whole duty of man is. This appears to be a springboard of every other activity we as humans might engage in as regards the worship of our great King!

If we fear God and keep commandments, living in the light of Christ will be a culture, love will dominate our relationships and ungodliness will have no place. We will be extremely wise because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom(reference:Proverbs 9:10). If we keep God’s commandment, we will not lose the eternal life that we have in Christ.

We should not fail in this duty, friends. We should be imitable examples that will encourage others to live in God too. To do this, God’s help is needed. Once we are born again, we possess the Holy Spirit and he gives us that power to do what God wants. So, we should always stay with God and allow the Holy Spirit to direct us in every affair.

May we not fail in our whole duty to God as humans in Jesus name.


(God bless


‘No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.’ Philippians 3:13(NLT)

Driving a car northward and alternately making a turn-around southward and then northward again,over the course of a journey will not only slow down one’s progress and but might ultimately result in an accident which might claim one’s life. Also, an athlete partaking in a short distance race or any at all, has less chance of winning if he/she keeps looking forth and back, without a focus on the finish line. The point here is to emphasize the importance of focus. Dear friend, stay focused on the destination ahead. Don’t allow distractions. Let go of the ‘weight’ of your past experiences that do not bless you. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide through your thoughts.

Apostle Paul encouraged the brethren to emulate his example(reference: Philippians 3:17). We should as well. We should forget what had happened in the past that might retard our growth in the present or get in the way of our faith and rather focus on the glorious hope and heritage ahead. The beauty of what awaits us in the future as believers cannot be matched by anything that we have seen or ever experienced here on earth. So, in joyous hope, let’s not lose track of who we are and where we are going to.

Your past is gone, the present is here, rejoice as you move into the future. No matter how terrible your past might be, God is merciful and he can make anything new! 1 John 1:9 establishes that if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us too. Once you’ve confessed your sins, believe him for forgiveness and press on in the joy of your freedom in Christ!

Obedience: Remaining in his love.

”When you obey my commandments, you remain in my love, just as I obey my Father’s commandment and remain in his love.” John 15:10(NLT)

As seen in 1 John 2:15, a fact can be established that if one loves the world, then the love of the father is not in one. That is, persisting in iniquity and loving the sinful path that  the yet-to-be-saved folks tread portrays one as not having the love of the father in one. You are either with God or out there with the sinful throng. And it’s best that you rather love God and shun the corrupt practices of those yet-to-be-saved.

If you’ve ever wondered how one can be sure of remaining  in the love of Christ, right there in John 15:10, you have the answer! Complete and consistent obedience to the commandments of Christ confirms that you’re still in his love. A sure way of knowing what the commandments of Christ is by studying his words as contained in the Bible after which one should commit the words to heart and obey the Lord as he instructs and has instructed.  Any seeming deviation from his commandments should be  promptly addressed through genuine repentance. Remaining in the love of Christ guarantees eternal life because whomever completely believes in Christ will obey Christ and whomever completely obeys Christ belongs to him and whomever belongs to Christ has eternal life in him. So,my dear, do all you can to remain in the love of Christ. Hold on tightly to the faith you have in him and always remember and be grateful that his grace is available to you, as a believer.

I pray that may we all remain in the love of Christ even until he comes to take us home to live with him and behold him with our eyes forever in his mighty name. Amen.



‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.’ Proverbs 3:5,6 (NLT)

Having the right partner is crucial to the success of any venture. A right partner is known by some of the qualities he/she possesses. One very crucial quality to look out for is dependability. How dependable is your partner? Can you trust this person to look out for your best interests even when you’re not present?

God is the ultimate. He is the peak of perfection in partnership. He is the best partner anyone could have because when he partners with you,success is inevitable. He is not selfish. He is altruistic. He cares deeply about those who depend on him. He will never fail you.

My friend, invite God into your affairs today. Pray to him to lead and direct you. He is to take the lead because he knows it all. He will give you directions that will take you to fulfilment in a way that would have hitherto been impossible, if he were not involved. He steps in and makes what’s already good better and takes it to best. He intervenes, when invited, and turns around a terrible situation towards excellence. He is capable, dependable and infinitely creative. Remember that you will give account of your stewardship to God some day and the best way to ensure an excellent account is to partner with God himself. What a creator so loving! He is so accessible! Despite how small we are, compared to him, he still has time to relate with us humans. And most definitely, he is the best partner we could ever ask for. Partner with God today!

”Those who partner with God suffer no loss.”

Will you partner with him?