Pray aloud, pray solemnly

Pray in light, pray when the night is pitch black

Pray because it is needed

Pray because the hope of tomorrow liveth


Pray now, don’t delay

Sitting idle and lamenting won’t take this dark mist away

The hikes in prices and the groans of the poor

Should spur you to pray night and day


Nigeria is blessed

And still she is blessed

As blessed as she is, still, she needs all help

Every prayer of the righteous she gets is a right seed sown

Love never ever turns its back on its own


Nigeria will arise, yes, she will!

She will enjoy her peace, yes, she will!

Her land will flourish, and her fields will be lush

Her harvest will be bumper, her children will eat with glee


But now that the dream of her smiles is clouded and hardship seems so hard set

The righteous must arise and pray, with all heart and faith

That God will touch Nigeria with His mercy

And cause the clouds of promise to rain down the blessings

Would you please say a prayer with all your heart,

Oh, Nigeria will live, she won’t fall apart


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He is risen!

A worship song’s lyrics go thus:

He is Lord, He is Lord

A worship song’s lyrics go thus:

He is Lord, he is Lord

Amen, he has risen from the dead

He is Lord, every knee shall bow

Every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord


Great is our God! He is truly the Lord of all!


Let’s pray:

By the power of resurrection, may every good thing in your life receive life again in Jesus name

As the Lord conquered death, so shall every limiting force in your life be conquered in Jesus name

Every stone rolled across the door of your glory can be rolled back today in Jesus name

May your helpers come running to help revive every dead venture of goodness in your life in Jesus name

Good news shall find you

May that dead womb receive life right now in the name of Jesus,

May every unyielding force militating against your success bow to the superiority of Christ today in Jesus name

As for every helper who has forgotten you, may there be a divine remembrance and reconnection of you to such persons in the name of Jesus

As the death of Christ has brought us life, so may your family bubble with eternal life in the name of Jesus

Sickness in your life shall die

Favour shall become synonymous with you in the name of Jesus

Every battle going on in the spiritual realm over your life, may the Lord of the battle step in and give you victory today in Jesus name

Go and succeed

Go and prosper

Go and flourish

Go and fulfil destiny

Go and do exploits

Go and possess your possessions in the name of Jesus

Go and live,live and keep living, even as Christ has brought you eternal life.

It shall be well with you now and always.

In the name of the Lord Jesus.


Beloved, it takes faith in God to get answers to these prayers, please believe as you say them. Also, you must live in holiness before God as well, before answers can be gotten.

Live for God, live for life, live in the blessed Lord that arose today those many years ago and is still alive today and will still be living forevermore!

Tell someone else about him, spread his love and continue to triumph in Jesus name.

God bless you!

He is risen!