If we could exhaustively comprehend the depth of the love of Christ for us,we would know much more how wonderful,beautiful and forgiving our darling saviour is. There is no hatred whatsoever in him towards us. What he detests is sin,not us. And once sin is off the scene,we’d be able to begin to comprehend how great his love for us is. He left heaven and all the majesty of his throne and came to earth to pay the ultimate price for our sins. Humility was and is still so clearly personified in our role model,Jesus Christ,who chose to serve and save. We couldn’t help ourselves so he came to be our salvation and even now,he still is . He took the pains,the shame and paid off all our debts of sin. Nothing can ever get us the righteousness that Jesus has brought us. Hallelujah!

There is no wickedness in him. He is full of endless love. A major theme of his ministry was and will always be love because he is love himself. He doesn’t want anyone to perish. He is always there,waiting to be allowed in(Revelation 3:20). How glorious!

Romans 8:35-38 contains an amazing and interesting description of the love of Christ for us. A love that made him lay down his life to save us,his friends(Matthew 15:13). That love will never end,as long as we stay true and faithful to him. Even when we err,he does not stop loving us,he loves us still.We only need to retrace our steps in repentance so that we might not lose the life that we have in him.

My friend, always remember that no matter what may be,the love of Christ for us is greater than we know. So continue in him and never stop loving him for loving us first.

I’m writing this short poem to him in appreciation, you could leave yours below too in gratitude.

Mighty and royal,

to the cause of redemption,you were loyal

battered and bruised

to saving me,you remained true

No treasure could buy

what you paid for with your life

And in all of eternity

none could surpass you in humility

You are my all!


His ways.

‘For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.’ Isaiah 55:9(NLT)

If the Lord tells you to do something that appears very different from what you feel should have been done, please do it. Don’t ask questions or try to connect the dots in your mind, just obey.His is the best approach that could ever be! He spoke what he wanted in existence into being at the beginning, he is that mysterious and powerful. Believe and obey him.

As humans, we make judgements, mostly based on what we see. Whereas, our God sometimes decides based on what we can’t see at that moment and he thus gives us directions on those unseen factors that guarantee victory if we obey him. In 1 Chronicles 20:17, the Lord’s instruction to the people of Judah concerning the impending war was very different from everyday military strategy. Instead of telling them to gear up for war and develop strategies to win, he simply told them to stand still and watch his victory. Thank God they obeyed by not fighting but praising him instead because if they had done otherwise, they would have been fighting God’s battle and surely no one should ever fight God’s battle for him! He’s more than able to crush any opposition, just as he gave Judah victory eventually over their enemies.

Beloved, whatever that problem might be, God’s instruction to you is the best you need to solve it. Humbly go before him, tell him about the problem and surrender to his will as he instructs you on what to do. Don’t go your way, go his. Also,don’t doubt what he says, simply step forward with faith and overcome with him. Remember that you are the clay and he is the potter, you are the branch and he is the vine dresser, you are the living and he is the life, most definitely,his ways are not your ways.

Shalom as you stay victorious in Christ Jesus.


Asking right (Part 2)

‘When they came to the other side, Elijah said to Elisha, ”Tell me what I can do for you before I am taken away.” And Elisha replied, ”Please let me inherit a double share of your spirit and become your successor.” 2 kings 2:9(NLT)

What a response to a crucial question! So deep and effective! Elisha must have been a man who paid close attention to how his master works. He must have taken time to observe that the great works done through Elijah were aided by a spirit other than the natural, the spirit of the living God. He must also have been a very diligent man to have asked to become Elijah’s successor. A lazy person wouldn’t have asked for that.

Elisha had his request granted and he had a very successful ministry as a prophet of the most high God. He asked for the right things that helped him succeed in his ministry.  It takes divine wisdom to ask for the exactly right endowments needed to succeed in ministry. The Holy Spirit does not reside in fools, he resides in the wise. And since we are children of God, we are wise because we fear the Lord. Thus, the Holy Spirit resides in us and we possess the divine wisdom needed to ask for the right things. It also takes a yielding heart to ask for the right things. If Elisha didn’t have a heart that yielded to the service and leading of the Almighty, he probably wouldn’t have replied Elijah the way he did. When one’s heart yields to the Lord, the Holy Spirit is given room to operate and facilitate the making of the right requests. As many of us as are involved in the service of the most high, we should pay attention to whatever the Lord asks us to do and rely on the Holy Spirit to help us pray and act right in obedience to what the master has commanded.

Asking for the right tools to work with helps a diligent builder do a more effective job of building, so also we asking for the right endowments through the help of the Holy Spirit will help us to fulfil purpose in an outstanding manner.

Remember, the Holy Spirit is the channel of divine wisdom that we need to pray right, let’s always rely on his guidance in prayer.

Stay blessed.