I have found love at last
His love for me is deep and unimaginable
Why He chose me is unexplainable
I have got no choice but to respond positively

But you know what I found out
He is very jealous
He wouldn’t even share me with anything
Let alone anyone
He wants and owns the whole of me

But I understand Him perfectly
For He explained that
If I love anything above Him
It shows I do not really love Him

I am also aware that
My obedience to whatever He tells me
Is a proof of my love foe Him
And I’ll try my best not to hurt Him

Another thing is that
His Heart is the broadest I know
Because He loves other people too
And still runs after several, male or female

He loves you too
And I don’t know if you’ve responded
Or He is still running after you
Offering you the sweet world of His love

In fact, He has sent me to plead with you
To accept His love
And I will also love it
If I am not His only lover

I would be very happy if we could all love Him
And be happy together
Till he comes back
To marry us openly  and take us home with Him

How amazing is it?
He loves so many people
Yet I still get all of His attention
My Lover is one of a kind!

I have found this love
And I pray nothing takes His place in my heart
You want to know His name? Well, I call Him

He is Love
God is Love
He loves me so much and I love Him too
And He loves you too

Oh that I may find
The privilege of meditating in His temple
Of living in His presence daily
To delight in His perfection and glory

So good to be in Love
Come, lets love Him together

Yours in His Love,

Written by BAMIDELE OLAMIDE; edited by Akinola Akintayo

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