Bookshelf: Two great books for you!

In Christianity, there is so much to learn- how to pray effectively, principles of faith, etc. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit is available as a standby teacher for believers who will yield to Him! A believer who is hungry for knowledge can be ‘fed’ via the Bible, videos and audio clips of teachings, and BOOKS! Yes, books! That is the focus of this column called ‘BookShelf’! In it, I look forward to recommending great Christian literature to you!

The benefits of reading good books cannot be overstated! Fortunately, there are many very good books that are quite affordable! So, regardless of your budget, you can still get great value from books at low cost! Also, you can get these books either in the digital formats or print, depending on your preference! It’s time to meet our first set of books!

I will be recommending two great books which are written by the same author –Pastor (Dr) David Yonggi Cho.

 ‘David Yonggi Cho is co-founder and pastor of Yoido, considered the largest and fastest growing congregation in the world.’ (Source:

The first is ‘The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner’: In this book, you will learn about who the Holy Spirit is and how you can make Him your partner in daily Christian living. Pastor Cho shared extensive knowledge on topics such as ‘The Holy Spirit and believers’ and ‘The baptism of the Holy Spirit’! If you are someone who is thirsty for knowledge about the Holy Spirit, you will be glad you read it!

The second is ‘The fourth dimension’: Amazing book! In it, you will get to understand the importance and influence of your spiritual nature; how to use your God-given authority; how to reap the dividends of faith and how to overcome the barriers to experiencing the supernatural. This is a bestseller any day! I recommend it with great excitement!

The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner book cover                             The Fourth Dimension Cover

There they are, the first set of books to be recommended on ‘BookShelf’! I hope you get, at least, one of them , read it, and share your experience with me! Enjoy the week!

(The covers of the versions available in your region might differ from the sample covers above. Photo source:



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