Pray aloud, pray solemnly

Pray in light, pray when the night is pitch black

Pray because it is needed

Pray because the hope of tomorrow liveth


Pray now, don’t delay

Sitting idle and lamenting won’t take this dark mist away

The hikes in prices and the groans of the poor

Should spur you to pray night and day


Nigeria is blessed

And still she is blessed

As blessed as she is, still, she needs all help

Every prayer of the righteous she gets is a right seed sown

Love never ever turns its back on its own


Nigeria will arise, yes, she will!

She will enjoy her peace, yes, she will!

Her land will flourish, and her fields will be lush

Her harvest will be bumper, her children will eat with glee


But now that the dream of her smiles is clouded and hardship seems so hard set

The righteous must arise and pray, with all heart and faith

That God will touch Nigeria with His mercy

And cause the clouds of promise to rain down the blessings

Would you please say a prayer with all your heart,

Oh, Nigeria will live, she won’t fall apart


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I have found love at last
His love for me is deep and unimaginable
Why He chose me is unexplainable
I have got no choice but to respond positively

But you know what I found out
He is very jealous
He wouldn’t even share me with anything
Let alone anyone
He wants and owns the whole of me

But I understand Him perfectly
For He explained that
If I love anything above Him
It shows I do not really love Him

I am also aware that
My obedience to whatever He tells me
Is a proof of my love foe Him
And I’ll try my best not to hurt Him

Another thing is that
His Heart is the broadest I know
Because He loves other people too
And still runs after several, male or female

He loves you too
And I don’t know if you’ve responded
Or He is still running after you
Offering you the sweet world of His love

In fact, He has sent me to plead with you
To accept His love
And I will also love it
If I am not His only lover

I would be very happy if we could all love Him
And be happy together
Till he comes back
To marry us openly  and take us home with Him

How amazing is it?
He loves so many people
Yet I still get all of His attention
My Lover is one of a kind!

I have found this love
And I pray nothing takes His place in my heart
You want to know His name? Well, I call Him

He is Love
God is Love
He loves me so much and I love Him too
And He loves you too

Oh that I may find
The privilege of meditating in His temple
Of living in His presence daily
To delight in His perfection and glory

So good to be in Love
Come, lets love Him together

Yours in His Love,

Written by BAMIDELE OLAMIDE; edited by Akinola Akintayo

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God’s Word has creative power!


I heard an amazing testimony yesterday which I got inspired to broadcast, so here it is:

‘A believer asked God to reveal His almightiness to him, as he fellowshipped with God one day.  He wanted to ask God some questions about His fingers, so he decided to put his hands behind his back and fold some fingers, then ask God to tell him how many of the fingers were left unfolded.

First, he folded four fingers and asked God to tell him how many fingers were unfolded. God replied ‘Six.’ He folded some more and asked God to tell him how many fingers were unfolded. God told him the correct answer.

Finally, he decided not to fold any of his fingers. So, with no finger folded, He asked God to tell him how many fingers were unfolded. God replied ’11’. The man was surprised! Every normal human being has 10 fingers, so, the answer he was expecting from God was ’10’.

When the man brought his hands forward to check his fingers, he saw 11 fingers! He had ten fingers before God told him that there were 11 fingers unfolded! The extra finger appeared simply because God said so! Amazing!

God can never lie (Numbers 23:19)! What He says is true! He calls out the visible out of the invisible!

‘(as it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations”) in the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;’
(Romans 4:17 NKJV on YouVersion Bible App)

‘By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.’
(Hebrews 11:3 NKJV on YouVersion Bible App)

Beloved, believe wholeheartedly whatever God says to you! If God’s Word says ‘You are blessed’, you are! If He calls you ‘Chosen’, you are! The moment God declares a thing, it is created! His Word can create! Indeed, the Word of God has creative power! Cherish the Word of God!

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A Great App for Bible Study!

Technology is causing a revolution in communication globally! The way humans interact is being changed daily with advances in technology! Christian literature has also been greatly affected by technological innovation: Electronic Bibles, audio books, and so on. In this post, I want to highlight one of the most widely adopted technological tools that is having tremendous impact on the lives of people across the world. This tool is a Bible application called YouVersion!


YouVersion Bible App logo (

I first discovered this app in 2014 and it’s been a huge blessing to me! Its interface makes the Bible so easy and  interesting to read! According to, this app is

‘A free Bible on your phone, tablet, and computer. YouVersion is a
simple, ad-free Bible that brings God’s Word into your daily life.’

As seen on, here are some amazing facts about this revolutionary Bible application:

‘The app has been installed on over 224 million smartphones in the world!’

‘There are 1277 Bible versions available on the app!’

‘The app is currently available in 927 languages!’

Also, the app has its own social network wherein you can create your profile, and add people as friends. These friends of yours can then get to see your activities on the app! It also suggests your friends who are already using the app to you so that you can connect with them! This app is a top pick anyday!

These facts and features are awesome! The team behind this app really deserves a resounding commendation, as they have done a phenomenal job! All the glory to God who gave them the wisdom with which to design, deploy, and keep improving on the features of the app!

Personally, it is one of my favourite apps! I love it so much! I invite you to explore it too, if you have not done so yet! The app is available for download in the major app stores- Google Play, iTunes, Windows store and BlackBerry World. You can also download it at:

Do you have the YouVersion Bible App installed on any of your devices right now? Kindly share your user experience of the app in the comment section! Enjoy your week!

Bookshelf: Two great books for you!

In Christianity, there is so much to learn- how to pray effectively, principles of faith, etc. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit is available as a standby teacher for believers who will yield to Him! A believer who is hungry for knowledge can be ‘fed’ via the Bible, videos and audio clips of teachings, and BOOKS! Yes, books! That is the focus of this column called ‘BookShelf’! In it, I look forward to recommending great Christian literature to you!

The benefits of reading good books cannot be overstated! Fortunately, there are many very good books that are quite affordable! So, regardless of your budget, you can still get great value from books at low cost! Also, you can get these books either in the digital formats or print, depending on your preference! It’s time to meet our first set of books!

I will be recommending two great books which are written by the same author –Pastor (Dr) David Yonggi Cho.

 ‘David Yonggi Cho is co-founder and pastor of Yoido, considered the largest and fastest growing congregation in the world.’ (Source:

The first is ‘The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner’: In this book, you will learn about who the Holy Spirit is and how you can make Him your partner in daily Christian living. Pastor Cho shared extensive knowledge on topics such as ‘The Holy Spirit and believers’ and ‘The baptism of the Holy Spirit’! If you are someone who is thirsty for knowledge about the Holy Spirit, you will be glad you read it!

The second is ‘The fourth dimension’: Amazing book! In it, you will get to understand the importance and influence of your spiritual nature; how to use your God-given authority; how to reap the dividends of faith and how to overcome the barriers to experiencing the supernatural. This is a bestseller any day! I recommend it with great excitement!

The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner book cover                             The Fourth Dimension Cover

There they are, the first set of books to be recommended on ‘BookShelf’! I hope you get, at least, one of them , read it, and share your experience with me! Enjoy the week!

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