Love came to serve!




From day one, you knew that you were going to die
Yet you didn’t leave
You didn’t return to your glory and leave us in our misery
You, with a passionate heart, sought the lost sheep
Shouting the words of repentance
With Love never seen, never felt before

Even now, you quietly wait for the sheep to return
Looking forward eagerly to their run for your embrace
Your blood is still fresh
The stripes on your back forever healing
You have the greatest name
Yet you wouldn’t be angry if we called you without a title

Lord, you are truly divine
You don’t seek for us to come to you qualified
Instead, you qualify us, bearing every cost
Love, you’re indeed the beautiful one
I love you,Lord!
Yes, my soul screams!
At Christmas, I simply say ‘Thank you for coming to die’
Thank you,Lord!

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