Why you love us this way, we will never fully comprehend while we are still on earth

We can only keep discovering the drive behind your Love

Till we come home to dwell with you in eternity

A Love so bold, the cross couldn’t scare it

A Love so strong, the whips couldn’t break it

A Love so deep, our hatred couldn’t cover it


This year, Lord, you’ve been watching for us while we slept

Making sure the temperature was right and our bodies found rest

You rejoiced every time a sinner came home

Still you rejoice

How the Lord of creation is so interested in the affairs of humans

We’ll never fully know while we are still humans


Each day of this year has been a gift from you

Full of Life, Grace and Truth for us

Months after months, the stream of your favour didn’t stop flowing

Good health was a norm, sickness could not crush us

Because you had crushed it!

You were Jehovah Jireh indeed, giving us pleasant surprises

Making ways where there were none


Jesus, 2016 is waiting already

With confidence, we will approach it

Because we know that you have gone through the length and breadth of it

Putting blessings, joy, favour and all spiritual blessings in every minute of every day

Thank you for not giving up on us

Thank you for waiting on us

Thank you for serving us in Love

You are the reason why we are who we are today

Righteous, justified, free, favoured, strengthened

Blessed beyond comprehension

Thank you, Lord


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Love came to serve!




From day one, you knew that you were going to die
Yet you didn’t leave
You didn’t return to your glory and leave us in our misery
You, with a passionate heart, sought the lost sheep
Shouting the words of repentance
With Love never seen, never felt before

Even now, you quietly wait for the sheep to return
Looking forward eagerly to their run for your embrace
Your blood is still fresh
The stripes on your back forever healing
You have the greatest name
Yet you wouldn’t be angry if we called you without a title

Lord, you are truly divine
You don’t seek for us to come to you qualified
Instead, you qualify us, bearing every cost
Love, you’re indeed the beautiful one
I love you,Lord!
Yes, my soul screams!
At Christmas, I simply say ‘Thank you for coming to die’
Thank you,Lord!

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