Synergy in Worship


Bless the Lord , O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name!’ Psalm 103:1(NKJV)

When you are extolling the greatness of God, is your mind in the moment? Does your whole being participate in the worship of the living God whenever you offer him worship?

Your voice should amplify what your heart is saying. Your Hands should resonate what your soul is expressing.  True worship is like the coordination in an orchestra. Everything done must be for a unified purpose. The purpose of worship is to testify to the supremacy of God! That purpose must be understood and aimed at!

Now and always, keep in mind that the worship of God must be a totally immersive experience for you. He deserves it! In the place of worship, everything else must be secondary to the offering of praise of the Most High being done! Remember, God has no equals. At the point of worshipping him, he deserves undivided attention.

This type of synergized worship is not possible by mortal efforts. You need the Holy Spirit’s help. He has the best understanding of the father’s worship! Tell him about your desire for sincere and synergized worship. Submit to his leadership and see how he helps you to transform your worship of the King!

Amen! Glory to God forever! To him be all the praise and adoration forevermore!

Believer,keep thriving! Keep worshipping!


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