Righteousness is a gift to believers! Although we did not have to pay for it, it came at a price! Jesus paid that price at the cross so that we could get it absolutely free. This gift is not tied to terms and conditions that require our inputs or works to make God give it to us. Jesus died and acquired it for us and has made it available for free! We only need to receive it by faith(Romans 3:22, Philippians 3:9)!

Again,it is a gift that has been paid for! So, we should never try to work to earn it! It is already ours, bought and delivered by the blood of the lamb! Faith should be our ‘receiving decvice’ for the gift, so precious, so free!’

Till the end of time, we can never pay for God’s righteousness by ourselves.  NO WAY. Can sin purchase righteousness? God forbid. Can darkness purchase light? Never. Our old nature(the adamic nature) carried sin and darkness. That nature needed a change that it could not afford, so Jesus stepped in as the mediator, making peace via his death to end the division that sin had brought between God and man, and purchasing righteousness for us(Ephesians 2:16, 1 Peter 3:18)! Hallelujah!

Humans that were cut-off from God can now boldly approach him without fear or condemnation(Hebrews 4:16)!

Remember, it is a gift! You do not have to pay for it! You are as righteous as Christ is once you have received the gift by faith! By human standards, we can never be as righteous as Jesus is. This is because before Christ came to die for us, we were already fallen and condemned(Romans 3:23). By his death and resurrection, he lifted us to his status of absolute righteousness! So as he is, so are we in this world(1 John 4:17)! Amen! We should therefore dance, rejoice and make joyful noise to God, for this great gift, throughout our lives!

Christ’s great love for us propelled him to obey the father and willingly die for us, his friends(John 15:13)!
John 1:12 did not talk about people working to receive the status of being God’s children. All they had to do was believe! All we have to do too is BELIEVE! Thank God, we, who are born again, have believed!

We must keep believing that Jesus is the son of God who has brought us righteousness that we do not have to pay for! He has given us the best gift of all time! Hallelujah!

This wonderful gesture of righteousness which has been fully paid for should always be in our minds and make us worship the father in Spirit and in truth daily!

We must share this good news of righteousness being a gift with our friends and loved ones who are yet to know about it. We must tell them that they can also receive this gift by faith in Christ Jesus!

As Christ is, so are we!



(PHOTO CREDIT: http://tammycloserwalk.blogspot.com)

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