Faith and Trends:Speech


While it is good to be able to relate with people from different backgrounds, in our bid to have a relationship with them and tell them about the saviour, we must however be careful not to contradict, by our conduct,what we are trying to preach.

While reaching out to others with the message of love, we must stay in the light. (Remember, without him,The Light, we can do nothing!John 15:5)

Specifically, I will address speech-choice of words,here.

Christians, it is a must for us to avoid swear words, immoral topics, and colloquial terms that do not glorify God.

It might be the nature of man (the adamic nature) to use such words,it is however not the nature of the Spirit which has given birth to the new us! (John 3:5)

Expressions like ‘He is a bad guy, or she is the baddest,etc(Bad and baddest here, used as compliments’ should not be found in our speech repertoire. Such are not representations of who we are or what we think in God!
This is especially important as people watch us as mirrors of the saviour. (Remember how the disciples were first named Christians?Acts 11:26)

We are ambassadors of Christ from whom the world should learn how to speak right and live right. (Of course, we learn from Christ ourselves!)

Your guiding principle should be ‘Would Jesus say this?’ If the clear answer is ‘No’, then don’t say it.

It is not our deeds that make us righteous, true! Jesus is our righteousness! He has however advised us in Matthew 5:16 to do this:

‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16 (KJV)

Therefore, our faith in Christ will help us bear good fruit that others around us can behold- good works, edifying speech, and righteous living!

So,even as you reach souls for the father, keep the faith,  watch the speech, and shine on!

God has blessed you with all spiritual blessings!  Hallelujah!



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