Have Faith in God, Not in The Details


“I am the lord , the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me? – Jeremiah 32:27 NLT

When God tells you something- either through his servants, his word (the Bible), or direct revelation to you, believe him!

Yes, believe him totally! Even when the details of his plan for what he is about to do in your life are not known, simply believe him.

Like a little child who gets excited at the promise of a new toy, be excited too, when you receive God’s promise.

If God has said it, then you have no reason to doubt it! Your duty is to receive the promise by faith, give God elaborate thanks, and wait in joy!

God does not always give the details of what he is about do. The fact that he tells you about it in the first place is enough honour which you should be grateful for! Once you take the first step with him in faith, you will get the revelation of deeper information with time.

Only a person who has faith in God can believe him in such a manner;like Abraham, who was told to go a foreign land of which God didn’t give him much detail.

Your faith should be in God, not in the details. The person of God is enough proof that what he has said will come to pass.

Simply trust him!

You may have doubted him in the past because you didn’t have much details about his plan for you, don’t worry. Simply, humbly, and honestly ask God for forgiveness.

As you go on in life, please, prepare your mind to accept the promise of God, even when the details seem sketchy; even when the content of the promise seems impossible.

Believe, and see how great your God is.

It is not about the details,  it is about God who has said it.

He is truth and his words are forever true!

Keep believing!

(Photo source:harmonychristianchurch.com)

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