Your Expectation and The Divine Schedule


Now. Now. Now. Not tomorrow. Today. Here, right now.

Sometimes, that’s how our mortal minds work as we expect the fulfillment of the promise of God.

We want immediacy in getting the promised good. However, God does not always give you what he has promised instantly.

When the promise is not fulfilled immediately, doubt begins to mount an attack on the mind. God could promise you and fulfil it immediately. He could reveal what he wants to give to you and tell you the exact date of fulfilment. He could also tell you what he has in stock for you and not state a time of fulfilment.

He is God, the Lord God Almighty! He can do all of that and more.

However, I am writing this to challenge your thought system, to remind you never to situate God in human timing. He has been in existence before time was even developed and will be existing when time ceases to be.

God will fulfil his promise to you, as long as you stay faithful.

He could give you an exact time of fulfilment like he did to Abraham(Genesis 18:14).

He could give it to you instantly like he did to Bartimaeus(Mark 10:52), or ask you to go a little further to receive the miracle like he did to the man born blind who was asked to go and wash at the pool of Siloam(John 9:7).

He could even make a promise that will only be fulfilled in the future, similar to the scenario in which Joseph(41:46) and David(2 Samuel 5:4) lived.

What God needs you to do is to continually trust him even when the expected miracle does not happen in the short term.

Your faith is your key to possessing the good God has promised you.

Never lose hope or give in to doubt, even if the promise takes a century to be fulfilled. Keep praising God in advance, declaring his steadfast love and stating your confidence in his ability to bless you beyond measure.

God does not fail. He has the ability to give you anything he has promised.

Hebrews 11:6 makes us understand that we can’t please God without faith. Anyone who hopes to receive anything from God must please him always;must have faith in him always.

So, beloved,keep trusting him.

Always remember that God is not bound by time, so his divine schedule is very different from man’s view of time.

God’s ways and of course, timing system, are unmistakably different from man’s.(Reference: Isaiah 55:8,9)

Therefore, do not make a habit of basing your anticipation of the fulfiment of God’s promise to you on man’s limited time system.

Please worship him tonight as a demonstration of your belief in his ability to deliver on his promise.

He is able!

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