My Great God

The foundation of the earth was set by you
The limits of the sky you ordered
The layout of creation was a work of your imagination
You spoke and no one countered
How great you are!

Truth always comes from you
Love is what you have shown man how to give
Patience even when your subjects err is seen in your rule
Indeed, you are, great my King

Let the earth resonate with one rhythm
Let the skies move in a uniform march
Let all vegetation stay still
And worship the King
The ageless one who doesn’t sleep

No one owns anything that is not yours
No one gives anything outside your creation
You are the King who can’t be dethroned
Ancient of days, stronger than the future’s hold

By mercy you choose your own
In love you lead their path
Why you chose me is beyond my understanding
My identity in you is the greatest of my possessions

May my bones drum on your praise
May my flesh spread as carpet for you to tred
May my mind be your writing pad
May my voice be your chiming bell
May my life be a pleasing sacrifice
That fills your house with scents of dedication
That even to the last of my children
May my house be your chosen nation
Forever and ever and ever
And ever, my great God

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