The Mind of a King


‘For, “Who can know the lord ’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?” But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.’ 1 Corinthians 2:16 NLT

Believer, we have the mind of Christ!  We have the mind of King! We do not have failing minds!


We do not have minds roped with cowardice and anguish. We do not have minds that cannot see beyond the present.
We have the mind of the unlimited- the mind of Christ!

A King’s mind must be sound and clear so that he can deliver stellar administration; so that he can lead his people with precision and wisdom.

As a joint – heir with Jesus, your mind is that of a king. So, it is an anomaly when the mind within now appears to be suffocating under intense pressure from the devil.

You can understand the most difficult things; You can see tomorrow as God shows you; You can interpret the most puzzling of riddles when you act in faith and use the mind of Christ within you.

When you are operating with the mind of Christ, excellence is inevitable. People will see results in the physical and respect the soundness of your God-led decisions.

Just like Daniel, you will be celebrated and distinguished!

However, it seems the mind is sometimes plagued by so many nonprofitable things that it will appear almost impossible for one to enjoy such mind clarity  as described above.

What then do you do?

You have to do as your mentor did! Do as Jesus did!

Yes, do what he did in the event seen in Mark 4:35-41! Speak to the storms whenever they want to attack your mind!

Speak with the authority of the King and the peace you ask for will be given. Have no fear or doubt, simply speak in faith! The storms will cease to be,then calmness and clarity will be restored.

Keep confessing it out loud to yourself, ‘I have a sound mind. I have the mind of Christ. I have the mind of King.’

Keep saying it until it becomes deeply seated in your mind as the truth.

Keep confessing it until it becomes your reality!

Once you have the mind of Christ, what then do you do it?

You feed it with the word of God! Read with spiritual hunger, thirst, dedication and passion.

And as you get more word – filled,  the stronger will your faith and your use of your Christ-owned mind be!

Stay royal!

God bless you more!


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