Deeper Submission,Deeper Knowledge

submit (1)

Glory to God! I have been studying his word on another level, a higher level, and I feel so excited about it!

I want to grasp the truth in God’s words so that I can teach others this truth! And I am glad that I am growing in doing just that!

Something came to mind today and I want to share it with you:

‘Your degree of submission to God will,to a great extent, determine the level of the revelation of him that you have.’

Yes! How much of yourself you give to God, will largely determine how much of his mysteries you get the privilege to understand.

God will not show his treasures to an uncommitted being! He loves those who seek him truly;those who do not enthrone their will,instead of his.

If you want to know more about God, you have to submit more to him!

I hope you do this,my beloved friend,and I sincerely pray that you have a happy spiritual voyage of discovering deeper truth about our great God.

Please share with me,as you discover more!

Stay enlightened!



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