Reach out!


The world is full of sin. Corruption pervades daily life. There is so much ungodliness across continents. Phew!

What should a Christian do in the midst of all these?

‘Stay out! Don’t get involved so that you don’t get corrupted!’

That would be the default course of action or response by someone who wants to steer clear of corruption.

However, Jesus did not come for those who are already whole, or righteous. He came for the lost sheep, the sick, the hopeless and those are headed for condemnation(Mark 2:17).

He reached out to the unsaved and keeps reaching out to them through believers globally!

Believer,that is what you should do as well. Reach out!

Jesus is counting on you to continue reaching out,even on a greater level than he did(John 14:12).

Don’t live in your own redeemed world and shut out the love of God that you know from those who don’t know about it yet.

Just as Jesus said in Matthew 5:16, let your light shine before men! Let it illuminate the world of the unsaved too, so that they can cross over into light and become members of the Royal Priesthood that is talked about in 1 Peter 2:9.

Reach out at school,work,play,everywhere. Be interested in helping someone else find the love of God that you have found.

Beloved, don’t stay out and watch the unsaved go to hell. Reach out and help them find the way of life,Jesus Christ.

Jesus has given you the license to reach out in Matthew 28:19. Please use this license to help someone find Life.

Jesus is Life.



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