Trusting God in Desperate Situations

Trust in God

‘but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’ Isaiah 40:31(NIV)

It is easier to say ‘God,I trust you.’ when the coast is clear and all is calm. It takes courage and faith to say the same when the boat of one’s life is being battered by storms of worry and persecution.

Yet must we say so always and every time, regardless of what we are passing through because,though our circumstances change periodically,God never changes. He is the same eternally!

On Friday, I had forgotten that banks in the city of Ibadan would be closed(It was a public holiday here in Oyo State, Nigeria), so I headed to a branch of my bank to change my debit card’s PIN. On getting there, Christ! It was securely locked! What do I do? I had used a good part of the sum left on me for transportation to the bank and I had to get to school(I’m still an undergrad). I couldn’t go back home and I had to get to school. The little left on me was given out to those who needed it more, and beyond all kinds of doubt, I was cashless!

I stood at the bus-stop hoping for a miracle. Even at this,I still strolled to an ATM stand close-by hoping that I would enter the right PIN. This drama went on for a while. I could hear voices in my head saying all sorts. But in the midst of these voices, I had confidence that I could hear the Holy Spirit reinforcing my faith, so, I stayed calm.

I must tell you, it took courage and strong faith for me to keep waiting for God in that situation when all logic kept saying, ”Man, you are broke and stranded!” I chose to walk the path of faith and believe otherwise that ”Man, you’ve been obedient and you’ll be blessed.”

Finally, like a perfect script for a best-selling movie, a woman that I know crossed the road and joined me at the bus-stop where I have been waiting for only God knows exactly how long. She happens to be someone whom I ask about her spiritual welfare. And what’s more, she was going to the same campus I was headed for!

She paid all my fares and gave me extra cash. I narrated what had happened that morning to her and the end of it all, we both agreed that God was behind it all- he will never abandon his own.

My friend, Christianity is practical, daily and rewarding. When desperate situations come, do not let go of faith. Do not forget the promise that the Lord has made to the born-again :

”And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20b (NIV)

With Jesus on your side, no situation is desperate enough to overwhelm his dedication to your well-being.

Please, keep trusting the Lord.



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