Season’s greetings

Hello friend, I trust God that you have been fine. I have been fine as well. All glory and honour to our faithful father who gives us rest,strength and confidence.

Of course,it is Christmas! The greatest birth celebration in all of history- no monarch’s or celebrity’s birthday comes close to this! This is simply because our lord is incomparable, unbeatable and sovereign.

Here is a prayer to bless you this season,using the letters of Christmas:

May your life be full of Charisma this season and always
May your days be filled with Hope unending
May your spiritual understanding and strength always be on the Rise
May your Ingenuity in your career be mortally unbeatable
May your name be acquainted with Success
May you be blessed on all sides beyond Measure
May every good cause in your life that is
presently undergoing retardation receive divine Acceleration
May every progressive project you embark upon receive divine Support in Jesus name

Please share this with your friends to bless them as well.

Stay victorious!

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