God answers every prayer!

Yes, he does! As his child,your prayers get to him. He hears them and responds!


You might want to ask, ‘Well then,if God answers every prayer, why have I received some of the things that I asked for?’

The simple, straightforward and honest answer is this: ‘God answers every prayer but he does not say ‘Yes’ to every request.’

Somehow, a lot of the people are of the opinion that prayers are answered only when the requests they carry are granted.

This is not so.

There are three answers that God can give to every prayer: ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Wait’

The most easily understood answer to a prayer is the ‘Yes’

‘Hallelujah,God has done it! He granted my request.’

Just like he answered Elijah on Mount Carmel.

God says ‘No’ to requests as well,when what is being asked for is not part of his will or if the season for the granting such a request is not due.

God says ‘Wait’ when the request is part of his will,however the season for granting the request is not due.

We must learn to accept any of these three answers when God gives them. A ‘No’ or a ‘Wait’ should not make us weary, we should rather persevere and trust the God who has our best interests at heart.

Keep praying and don’t stop believing!

Have a great week ahead.


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