If God can…why can’t you?

Never be caught in the trap of self-pity or perpetual guilt after you have confessed your sins and turned a new leaf.

As a matter of fact,it will be most beneficial if you try not to remember the misdeeds anymore.

When you sin,you offend God. And if he can forgive you for your errors, why can’t you do the same?

His words in Isaiah 1:18 makes it clear that he is willing and able to purge us of all iniquities, so is it also stated in 1 John 1:9.

Jesus has brought you freedom,please embrace it! Don’t let the devil rob you of this freedom by enslaving your mindset,coupling it to the train of past iniquities.

Whomever the son has set free is free indeed as contained in John 8:36.

So long you’ve confessed and forsaken the sins,believe by faith that God has forgiven you.

Rebuke the thoughts reminding you of them and constantly renew your mind with the word of God – Romans 12:2.

Live free and happy, even as you share this good news of freedom in Christ Jesus with others too.

Go and sin no more!

Stay blessed.

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