Your use of words

God spoke light into existence. Jesus spoke peace to reality in the face of the storm. Jabez prayed prosperity into his life. What are you using your words to accomplish?

Our positive declarations are most needed when situations are at their worst- speaking life in the face of death; speaking plenty in the region of scarcity; speaking joy when sorrow is on rampage.

Speaking positivity in the face of negatives is not a carnal/mortal exercise. It is a spurred by faith. Such faith is derived from the undying words of God. Hence, you need to feed on those words constantly and get a godly spiritual climate on the inside. When you are full of these promises and blessed tidings of God,you confess them! (Remember what Jesus said in Luke 6:45?)

So,my friend,as the year draws to a close, I beseech you to use your words to create those miraculous turn-arounds.

You could begin right now!

Speak the word. Expect the miracle. Receive it. Praise God. Share your testimony.

Stay victorious.

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