No where to hide
No space to lie
I lay bare
Open,beneath your gaze

No cause to fight
No point to prove
No tears will do
No shouts will cleanse

You are perfect, just and true
The direct opposite in it
I was
To you I come
Help me overcome

The nails through your flesh
The stripes on your back
The crown so sad
The grief so heavy

This burden I can’t lift alone
Help me see the breaking of a new dawn
With this guilt,help me be done
Lord,to you I come

They say you have mercy
This I know is true
From my insides I am weary
Calm my strives,make me new

Lord,shine your light and disperse this darkness
Cleanse my hands,feed me with your sweetness

Take my pride and cloth me in your meekness
Take my vains,heal my pains
I can’t help myself
Mere dust I am
Without you

My wrongs have penalties
But I know you won’t destroy me
I hold onto you,Lord
Only you can save me
Help me,Lord
Help me,Lord
Here at your feet
I kneel,broken

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