5 things you should always remember.

My pastor, Pastor Magnus Ahamba, gave a soul-searching sermon in church today on five things one should always remember while still on earth and I feel obliged to share them with you,beloved reader.
Here are the five entities:

1. God: Always remember God. All through your years, never forget his existence and greatness. (See: Ecclesiastes 12:1)

2. Death: That inevitable fate of mortal life. It is real and secretive about its schedule. Death doesn’t make an announcement of when and whom it’s coming to visit. Plus,it  doesn’t consider age of its host. (See:Psalm 49:10,17; Psalm 89:48;Hebrews 12:7)

3. Judgement : That final assessment of your life,when all has been said and done on your part,before the Almighty God, who will decide your deserved end. (See:Hebrews 9:27)
4. Hell: Hell is no fiction! It is as real as real can get! Please don’t get there to find out how real it is. Believe it is real now and steer clear of it today! (See:Revelation 20:15)

5. Heaven: That eternal abode in which God will dwell with his people in person! I don’t want to miss the experience of living therein! You should have the same longing too. Let the thrill of what awaits the elect spur you to keep on keeping on till the Lord returns to take us home.(See: Revelation 21:1-7;Revelation 22:1-7; John 14:1-3)

Keep these in mind as you journey on to eternity. As you stay faithful to the Lord, you will succeed.


Our God reigns. 

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