A honest account

Nehemiah’s example-. Nehemiah 1:5-10

Here was a man seeking change. He made no pretense of his nations wrong standing. He admitted to their wrong doing. He was repentant and he reminded the Lord of his promise of restoration.

If you are seeking change too,you need to give God a honest account of events. Don’t side step your wrongs. Admit that you are wrong and plead for mercy.

Nehemiah was able to restate God’s promise because he knew God’s words. How much of God’s words do you know too? As a change seeker,you need to diligently study the words of God and know the truth therein by heart and as you do so,they will guide your living and help bring about the change that you seek.

Please know that a glorious dynasty can’t be built on a false and weak foundation, therefore give a honest account before God today and see things turn around for the best.

Stay winning.


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