Intentional worship

Do you have a purpose in mind when you worship God? Do you worship him because others are?

God is the greatest king,and no one goes into the court of a king and sings his praise without an end in mind. There has to be a purpose to it. The same applies to worshipping Yahweh.

Corporate worship is great and refreshing,my question to you is,is your voice distinct with intention amidst the multitudes of voices before God at those moments?

Worship God with intention. Let it say something. You could worship God to say ‘Lord,you’re the greatest’, ‘Lord,you’ve been good’, ‘Lord,I surrender’, ‘Lord,I can’t do without you’ and so much more.

When intention is attached to worship,it takes it to a different level-the level of a true worshipper, as long as it is done in spirit and in truth.

Your worship could be a song,poem,dance,scream….anything at all targeted at adoring the maker of the universe,only let it be with an intention.

The psalmist says here:
‘Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good!’
His faithful love endures forever. ‘Psalm 118:1(NLT)

A reason to praise the Lord right there in the verse above is because ‘he is good’. It takes one who know God to say that. It takes one who knows God to give him intentional worship.

Stay blessed.



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