Do it well.

Where have you found yourself in minsitry? What talents have you and others visibly seen in you? Is there a high place you’ve been placed on which to serve? Whatever point of service to the Almighty you find yourself at,please,serve well! Do it to the best of your ability and let the glory of the Lord shine forth all the more in your life(See: Matthew 5:16) Spend and get spent serving,you’ll get more than enough from the Lord in returns!

Serve diligently and consciously-never allow complacency or non-chalance in your service to the Almighty.

Give your all!

Very importantly,never be filled with the pride of your accomplishments,taking glory in your own strength. Always give the glory back to God whenever people shower accolades on you for outstanding service. Let service to God remain the nucleus of your ministerial functions. Your ministry is for the greater good,not for selfish ventures neither should it be with the aim of bringing people down by your displays.

Always remember this: ‘……“No one can receive anything unless God gives it from heaven.’John 3:27(excerpt)

God has given it-the talent,to you and you must do the best with it!

Serve him and not yourself.



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