A honest account

Nehemiah’s example-. Nehemiah 1:5-10

Here was a man seeking change. He made no pretense of his nations wrong standing. He admitted to their wrong doing. He was repentant and he reminded the Lord of his promise of restoration.

If you are seeking change too,you need to give God a honest account of events. Don’t side step your wrongs. Admit that you are wrong and plead for mercy.

Nehemiah was able to restate God’s promise because he knew God’s words. How much of God’s words do you know too? As a change seeker,you need to diligently study the words of God and know the truth therein by heart and as you do so,they will guide your living and help bring about the change that you seek.

Please know that a glorious dynasty can’t be built on a false and weak foundation, therefore give a honest account before God today and see things turn around for the best.

Stay winning.


God’s able

‘Behold, Jehovah’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:’Isaiah 59:1(ASV)

‘He’s gonna fulfil every promise to you,don’t give up on God coz he won’t give up on you,he’s able’- words from the lyrics of a popular gospel song by Dietrick Haddon titled ‘He’s able’.

Have you made a request to God?What God has promised you? Is it appearing so big that humans eyes see it as impossible? Is time seemingly running out so fast,you think all hope is lost? Our God is not mortal,and so the conditions and situations of earth do not affect his ability to keep his words,he’s immortal and able!

Remember Abraham and Sarah’s story- medical experts would have told them that it was impossible to have a child,yet God did it!(See: Genesis 21:1-7)
Remember the shunamite woman- her son was stone-dead,she however held on to faith and God raised him!(See: 2 Kings 4:18-37)
Remember Elisha’s prediction of abundance in the face of a siege-It looked completely impossible the human perspective,yet God did it!(See: 2 Kings 7:1,2)

Our God does not work with human logic. He is the standard of possibility,the very ‘yes’ of ‘yeses’! He is the beginning,he is the end,he’s everything!

He is able and something is required of you to lay hold of your miracle……….

‘And without faith it is impossible to be well-pleasing unto him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that seek after him.’ Hebrews 11:6(ASV)

Faith! That is what you need! It’s the vehicle that will deliver your miracles to you! Without faith,that thing you’re hoping for can’t come! When solid faith is present,doubt is absent. However,when doubt is present,miracles are less likely to occur. So,grow in faith and hold on to it. This you can do,by studying the words of God,meditating on them and believing him who has said them.

I decree that as you believe,may that long-awaited miracle come forth in God’s best time in your life in Jesus name.

Our God is able! Please believe!



Intentional worship

Do you have a purpose in mind when you worship God? Do you worship him because others are?

God is the greatest king,and no one goes into the court of a king and sings his praise without an end in mind. There has to be a purpose to it. The same applies to worshipping Yahweh.

Corporate worship is great and refreshing,my question to you is,is your voice distinct with intention amidst the multitudes of voices before God at those moments?

Worship God with intention. Let it say something. You could worship God to say ‘Lord,you’re the greatest’, ‘Lord,you’ve been good’, ‘Lord,I surrender’, ‘Lord,I can’t do without you’ and so much more.

When intention is attached to worship,it takes it to a different level-the level of a true worshipper, as long as it is done in spirit and in truth.

Your worship could be a song,poem,dance,scream….anything at all targeted at adoring the maker of the universe,only let it be with an intention.

The psalmist says here:
‘Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good!’
His faithful love endures forever. ‘Psalm 118:1(NLT)

A reason to praise the Lord right there in the verse above is because ‘he is good’. It takes one who know God to say that. It takes one who knows God to give him intentional worship.

Stay blessed.


Do it well.

Where have you found yourself in minsitry? What talents have you and others visibly seen in you? Is there a high place you’ve been placed on which to serve? Whatever point of service to the Almighty you find yourself at,please,serve well! Do it to the best of your ability and let the glory of the Lord shine forth all the more in your life(See: Matthew 5:16) Spend and get spent serving,you’ll get more than enough from the Lord in returns!

Serve diligently and consciously-never allow complacency or non-chalance in your service to the Almighty.

Give your all!

Very importantly,never be filled with the pride of your accomplishments,taking glory in your own strength. Always give the glory back to God whenever people shower accolades on you for outstanding service. Let service to God remain the nucleus of your ministerial functions. Your ministry is for the greater good,not for selfish ventures neither should it be with the aim of bringing people down by your displays.

Always remember this: ‘……“No one can receive anything unless God gives it from heaven.’John 3:27(excerpt)

God has given it-the talent,to you and you must do the best with it!

Serve him and not yourself.