Give thanks

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm 118:1(NLT)

There is always a reason to thank God,season after season,his faithfulness is ever present. If the Lord had not being for us,where would we have been by now?

Or maybe you’re thinking ‘Why did I have to go through all I went through?’. Well,the truth is things could have been a lot worse if God had not intervened. Do you know the intensity of the battle that goes on every night while you sleep? Do you know the number of harmful microorganisms that abound in the things you consume? God has been your cleanser,your shield,your buckler. Even at times when you haven’t been faithful to him,he has remained steadfast,loving you all the way.

Not until you land that big contract or buy for that superb automobile,should you wait to thank him. THANK HIM NOW. That you can read this article tonight is something to be grateful for,that your body has effective coordination is a reason to be grateful,that you can pay your rent and feed your children,even as God helps you,is a reason to thank him.

He who has brought you this far will not abandon you. He has kept his word to you and he will keep it still. I know that there might be a lot that you’re still reaching for,yet,it’s best that you pause and just thank the father for those that he has helped you reach.

Simply thank God. Call him sweet names. Sing songs of praise to him in your local dialect. Shed tears of gratitude in his presence. Tell him you love him and mean it as you say it.

He is a great God. He is the miracle-worker.

Glory and honour be to him forever and ever and ever. Amen.


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