The blessed and the cursed.

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‘But blessed are those who put their trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence.’ Jeremiah 17:7(NLT)

With God,no pretence exists. Everything is lucid as he is the lord of all secrets. He can’t be deceived. He knows those who serve him in truth and those who trust in him truly. Mortal man may be deceived by the facade of religiosity and piety, but God cannot be deceived.

The scriptures spell it out very clearly here that those who are blessed are those whose trust reside in God. Those who are not moved by the existent lack in the physical,holding on their firm faith in the God they serve. Even when they are in the midst of abundance,they still do not trust the strength of their arms,rather they solely rely on the Lord’s support and guidance. Are you one of these people;the blessed?

‘This is…

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