I will hold on

The years fly by and the day stands still
Quiet in itself as I lay at rest
What the future holds,only you know
What tears can’t clear,only you can

Is there a better writer than you?
No there isn’t!
You penned this story of mine and perfect sure it is
Between your perfection and your grace
I stand justified
Despite my wrongs and failed choices
I stand purified

The weight of the expectations
The job of a generation
To blaze the trail and hold the ace
Leading a world of new and stamping the marks of vision
Yet deep down,only you know my soul cry

Help me trade the fears for your confidence
Help me trade the downs for your heights
Help me look into the future and wear that perfect smile
In the truth of your love and the counsel of your words

Man can’t fill this void,only you can
Man can’t dry this river,only you will
That I may live in the wonders of these dreams
And revel in the beauty of your glory
Lonely passage Lord it seems
And a unique path is all I see
Yet in the shadows I know your eyes watch still
In every stride I follow,I know your feet tread still
A long night the wait might seem
Lord,to hope,I’ll hold on still

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