Handling time well.


I am really repentant over being late to church for service today. I had wanted to arrive earlier and be ready to be a part of the choir ministration. Regardless of whatever reasons I might have to table, I should have handled my timing better. Yet, I won’t hold on to blaming as if I control all things because I don’t, God does. I am repentant because I want to be more timely in the future. This feeling of repentance has led to a new drive in me to be better at handling time in all areas of my life- church, school, career and all other fora that I will find myself in.

‘For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.’ Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT)

Do you constantly find yourself behind time? Almost always arriving late? Well, the word for change is…….plan! Yes, plan. Actively schedule time for everything you want to do in the run-up to the event in focus. There is always this lazy feeling of ‘there is still time’ which has to be dropped today. Do away with it completely and rather adopt the motto of ‘always on time’.

Getting regularly late to appointments gives a negative tag that should not be found on Christians. I was there in that league of almost always late, but I decided that today ends it. I love singing and I would have loved to be on-time in the father’s presence for service, only to find myself late again. Deep down, I knew this had to stop. Why? The simple truth is this: Habitual lateness can ruin the best of opportunities!

As the bible verse above reads, there is truly time for everything. There is time to leave for your appointment. It’s better to endure one long hour of sitting before the commencement of an appointment than to come panting in, an hour behind schedule.

Lateness starts subconsciously as an habit, which if not curbed, grows into a culture. It must be stopped!

So how…………….?

1. Pray to God for a change of attitude towards to the use of time.

2. Plan actively- When to leave for your appointment and all else that comes before your scheduled departure for the appointment.

3. Drop the tagline ‘There is still time’- the truth is, time never stops, so you have to be on it, move with it.

4.Write down your new mission statement of ‘Never late again’

5. Stay committed to changing your attitude towards time.

The truth is, since it took a while before lateness became a culture, it might take a while to also break it off completely. You must however walk in the confidence that God is helping you even as you’re determined to become a more time-conscious and punctual person.


Stay blessed, stay on-time!


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