The God we serve

He is holy

He is faithful

He is true

He is compassionate

He never forgets his own

He is the Lord of sufficiency

He is the pillar of life

He is the giver of all

Without him, nothing can exist

He precedes time

He succeeds time

He does not have to keep to time

He is not bound by time

He owns all seasons

He decides what is and what’s not

He is the revealer of secrets

He is the teacher of mysteries

He is knowledge personified

He is all that is good personified

He is the one to judge the world

He is the king of the kingdom that we, heirs will live in after this present world

He loves honesty

He loves sincerity

He knows his own

He can’t be deceived

He can’t lie

He is truth

He is peace

He is light

And he is love…………unending.


Be like him, believer, love endlessly!

Truly, how great is our God!



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