Slave to none!

He paid it all! No kobo was left on the debt counter-he literally,figuratively and whollistically paid it all off!
So why am I still being pressed,why does the continuous struggle exist? It’s simply because that age-long enemy,the devil,won’t relent! He won’t back down! He keeps exploring,looking for a loophole through which to gain access into my life.

But,anyways,that’s a lot cause! Christ has won that battle long ago! He has run the race and I’m doing the victory lap! He said it is finished and so it is! The father said as Christ is,so am I!

So I’m a prince! I’m royalty! I’m heavenly! I’m God’s own! I’m a freeborn,freelife and freeman! So,I’m a slave to none! I can’t be disadvantaged! Mine is a life of extraordinary exploits!
I can’t lose my identity! I’m God’s and I am a slave to none!

Regardless of my present predicaments,I’m coming forth stronger,better and brighter than I’ve ever known! Mine is a signed,sealed and delivered destiny of greatness! I’m more than a conquereror!

WhooooooooOoooooooooowwwwwwwoooooooowww! Hallelujah! God be praised!

I know who I am and I am a slave to none.


Our God reigns!

3 thoughts on “Slave to none!

  1. Thanks for reminding me of my stand. Keep up the fiery light of His love. The Lord shall continue to be your strength


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