Are you true?

‘A mocker seeks wisdom and never finds it, but knowledge comes to those with understanding.’ Proverbs 14:6(NLT)

In your search for God,are you sincere? In your visible worship,are you true? Are you one of the genuine seekers of the Lord Jesus Christ?

It’s important that you answer these questions,my friend. No one mocks God and gets away with it. God can’t be deceived. He knows those who seek him truly.

Please be informed that an insincere seeker of godly wisdom will never find it,unless,he/she switches from insincere searching to sincere worship. Those who fear the Lord have wisdom;they don’t seek him half-heartedly.

Some might come into church as empty jokers who have no sincere desire for growth. They make mockery of sacred things. Wisdom will always elude these people except they change their ways.

Blessed are those true seekers,those with understanding of who God is and what he can do. They get a reward for their trust and search(See: Hebrews 11:6).

John 4:23 makes it clear that true worshippers should worship God in spirit and in truth. It takes sincerity of heart and purpose to be a true worshipper. Are you?

If you’ve been insincere, you can make a U-turn right now. Ask the father for forgiveness and start afresh on the track of sincerity.

Tell others about the danger of insincerity in service too. Preach change to them.

Be true,always!



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