A reason to wait

Hello friend. It’s been a while. How has the journey of faith been? I believe very strongly that you are fine and even much more blessed.

I found ‘a reason to wait’ in the scriptures and this I want to share with you tonight.

‘The Lord your God will drive those nations out ahead of you little by little. You will not clear them away all at once, otherwise the wild animals would multiply too quickly for you.’ Deuteronomy 8:22(NLT)

These words were from the father to the Israelites as they journeyed to the promised land. Just like Israel,you’re on your way to a better place, a place of fulfilment, and you must walk and work at God’s pace for you.

God has gone ahead and seen it all! He know where the potholes are and will guide those who entrust their lives to him. Never hurry ahead of him. Yes,there is the tendency to get overly excited and clamour for a quick arrival,however, you must wait and follow the leading of the Almighty.

If he has promised you,he will bring it to pass. He is faithful,just and sincere. Trust him with all you have and wait for his leading. Never be in a hurry. In blind rush,one could run into problems that could have been avoided had one waited.

Hebrews 11:6 said it’s impossible to please God without faith. True. Your patience in your walk with God to the promised land could be a reflection of your faith in him. Let this be seen. Wait on him.

There is a reason to wait, a reason to let God take you there in the right season. A reason to trust the God who never lies.

And this is the reason: He has seen it all and will guide you along the best route to the promised land if you follow his lead.

Be patient! Wait on the Lord!

Travel safely.

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