Why do you seek the bread of life?

Do you seek Christ so that people can hail you as a seeker of the saviour? Do you seek him because of the blessings people have said that you will get from him? Or are you seeking him in other to satisfy your immediate needs? DO YOU SEEK HIM BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS?

Never seek Jesus for perishable blessings because he has much more than that to offer you! Seek him to know his person! Seek him to become a shining light that will lead others to him. Don’t stand in the crowd that seek him for the physical ‘bread and fish’ (JOHN 6:26), be a disciple who wants to lay hold of the eternal spiritual blessings of knowing Christ! (JOHN 6:68,69; Philippians 3:8,10)

Seek the bread of life for the knowledge of his person and he will fill you up to the brim with eternal life so much so that there will be an overflow and you will be a channel of blessing to others around you- a light so bright giving glory to God (Matthew 5:16).

The bread of life is the power that helps you bring out the God-placed abilities and endowments in you to the fullest, strive to know him for who he is and do not seek him for blessings that will only satisfy the needs of the NOW.

And when you know the bread of life and seek him correctly, you will never be hungry again- he will meet your physical need of food and satisfy your spiritual desire for the truth!

Stay filled!


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