Only you are….

Breath by myself,I can’t
Stay right by myself,I can’t
What can I do alone?
Oh,yeah, make a choice
To choose between this and that
Yet without you, I will always end up
Making the wrong choice

Even the future I walk towards
Only you know the details
Of who I will be, where I will end up
My family,career, my service to you
Only you know all

How foolish for me to try keep a clean sheet by myself
Wrong things pop up in my mind
I get entangled in the ropes of curiosity
I’m blind without your light
I get passionate and raise my voice when I shouldn’t
I ask the wrong questions and conclude on wrong notes,without you

Yet,your love endures
Your patience keeps on keeping on
When I annoy you,you don’t destroy me
Even when I disrespect you, you overlook my errors
Only you are holy
Only you are true
And when I try never to stumble
Please help me remember that only you are perfect
Yes,Lord,that only you are perfect

*bows head*


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