The Lord’s command.

‘This is my command: Love each other.’ John 15:17(NLT)

If anyone was wondering why it is so imperative for we,christians, to show love, the answer is clearly spelt out here in the verse above. Love is central to our existence as Christians. God is love, the basis of our salvation is love, our continued existence is love and Christ being our role model is strong enough a reason for us to love even as he does.
The kind of love we should show is sacrificial, not selfish. It’s a love that places the welfare of others on the rung of utmost priority. A love that goes out of its comfort zone to make others comfortable in the light of the Lord’s truth.
We could safely say that our love here is that which gives more service that it is served, a life that is devoid of ego and is more focused on the well being of whoever is concerned.
We don’t have to wait till we are billionaires or landlords of estates before we can afford to show this kind of love- we have all we need,a heart that is willing and a grace from above that is abundant.
Those who love the Lord obey his commandments and those who obey his commandments spread his love.
Be a lover!



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