God’s big plan

God’s big plan, you are involved.
He made you in his image, he put his breath in you. He looks after you and has even laid out your future.
Yet something isn’t right. SIN.
How did it come to be? This is how:
Your fore parents, Adam and Eve fell into sin. They disobeyed God and that brought a seperation between them, their children to come and God. It was a very sad event. That was how sin came to stay in the human nature, through their disobedience, and thus came death as well. Now, their disobedience was authored by the devil who suggested to Eve what was different from what God had commanded them to do. So, with sin in mankind, they can’t go back to God when they die unless they are devoid of sin as at when they die.

God’s love for mankind was too great for him to just let them perish. So, the principle of cleansing from sin by the shedding of the blood of animals came about( Why? See Hebrews 9:22). But this wasn’t enough. It wasn’t all lasting. It only covered iniquity for a while. God needed another plan, he had to provide a lasting solution to the problem of sin in the nature of man.
Then he came up with his big plan! A plan that cost him so much, yet he went ahead with it because he loves you even more. He has only one son begotten of himself and only he was righteous enough to be the permanent solution to the problem of sin in the human nature.
As stated earlier, sin was cleansed when blood was shed. Instead of the blood of animals as previously used, God offered the blood of his son as a replacement,to be the permanent cleansing from sin. His plan was that if you believed in his son,if you believe that he is from God and that his message of salvation is true, you will be cleansed from your inherent and acquired sins and be re-united with him. That was his plan, just as the words in John 3:16 states that whosoever believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God, will not perish but have everlasting life.
He loves you so much. He has been waiting for you, to take that step, to open up your heart and have faith in him. This sounds so good, yet even much more true it is. God’s plan was made to bring you back to him. Will you come to him today? Will you let go of that nature of sin and put on the new life that awaits you in the son of God?
Don’t let the devil deceive you, your situation is not hopeless. Jesus Christ is here, as your hope. Please, accept him.
You came from God,he will never reject or forsake you, if you come back to him repentant and honest. All you need to start is BELIEVE.
Are you ready to be reunited with God?

If you are ready to take that step, simply pray thus: ‘Father, here I am. Help me. Save me. I believe in your son and in his power to save me. Please forgive me and make me new. Thank you, Lord for your love.’

I’d love to tell you more, please kindly send me an email via lights_media@yahoo.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay blessed.



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