Success and you: Stay focused

I got back to school today and reunited with some of my friends. Fun. Joy. Friendship. Of a truth, academically, our primary goal here is to graduate in flying colours. However, for this goal to be attained, one needs to be focused.
Focused on what?
Focused on the mission ahead and surmounting every challenge on the road to victory. Focused on the prize and ignoring the distractions around. One could actually try to focus on these things and still lose out. The best way to focus without failing is to adopt the model of Daniel and his friends while they were in Babylon. From the scriptures, one can conclude that they were focused on God first as seen in the book of Daniel. They, thus, were able to succeed and outshine every one around them.
Friend, even the Lord Jesus Christ, the peak of perfection, made God the centre of his life here on earth. Once you focus on God, everything else around will look too small to be focused on, especially the negative distractions. Only the things God draws your attention to, such as loving people and doing good will get a share of your concentration.
Always keep it in mind that, to succeed, focus is inevitable and that the best approach to effective focus is making God the centre of one’s life first.

Stay blessed.

Keep winning.

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