Invest in 2014!


‘Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you.’ Ecclesiastes 11:1 (NLT)

I read Ecclesiastes 11 and I fell in love with it! Profound words abound in it, please kindly go through the entire chapter as soon as you can.

I want to share an insight with you today, my dear friend. A version of the natural law of harvest is ‘reap, sow’. The year is new and still very young, there is the danger of being complacent and not doing the right things on time, in time. Before long, the year gets halfway and then almost over. Before you get caught unawares by time’s move, I say, if you are looking to reap bountifully this year, you must invest in it! Reap, sow. How do I mean when I say invest?I mean doing good things that will bring back positive results and yield profits for you, both in cash and kind.

Preach to souls about Christ. Learn something new. Acquire a new skill. Get that degree. Plan that proposal. Do something good that will bring back something better. Set targets, maintain focus and succeed in achieving your set goals. Most of those who celebrate at the end of the year and count their blessings and achievements do not get there overnight. There was a process. They invested, waited and reaped. Investing in this year does not have to do with money only. You could invest your time, energy, focus and even much more.

If you carefully select that venture with God’s guidance, and you invest wisely, you will reap bountifully. If you have never done this before, that is, investing in a year, let this be the first. Change the story. Make this a year of note through diligent investment, even as the Lord helps you.

Above all, the most profitable place to invest into this year and always is the Kingdom of God. Win souls for the father. Pay your tithes, sow seeds of faith and give generous offerings. You will see the Saviour’s words in Matthew 6:33 manifest in your life if you do this faithfully. The father pays those who invest in his kingdom, please become one of them today.

Keep this in mind, ‘To make huge returns in 2014, you have to make huge investments in it, and the best place to invest into is the kingdom of God.’

God bless you more, beloved.


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