Jesus is Love


Christmas in the air,lots of decor and feasting! Beautiful outfits with splashes of red in many places! Great music, happy reunions! The joy of celebration, the saviour’s birthday!
In all of these festivities, it is imperative that we should not forget the essence of Christmas. LOVE. Love, the reason why God sent Jesus to earth (reference: John 3:16). Love, the reason why Christ gave himself as the ultimate sacrifice (reference: John 15:13). Love, the reason why the church exists in the first place. Jesus is Love.
Beloved, know that the best way to celebrate Christmas is to celebrate love as seen in the saviour by being selfless and altruistic. Think more about others than yourself this season. Give more. If you have three turkeys in the house, give one out as a gift, maybe two. Give out as much as possible of what you do not need this season. The amount of  love we show this season is much more important than the amount of food or gifts that we get.
Therefore, when making plans and decisions this season and always, think more of the greater good in honour of the son of God who came all the way to save you and me for the sake of love, in the name of love.
Jesus is Love. Merry Christmas!


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