Make God your priority.

Having the right priorities helps one make the best use of whatever resource is at one’s disposal,thereby reducing wastage and maximising efficiency. Christians,our first priority should be God and everything that is godly. Heaven should be our ultimate destination,Jesus our ultimate mentor. If you make God,your priority,u will occupy an usual position in his heart. He will make u a point of reference like #Job. The psalmist said in Psalm 42:1, how much he loved God. Do u love him that much? If you make God your priority, nothing of this world will scare you as seen in the example of the three hebrews your belief in him will be absolute; as seen in Paul’s statement of counting all he had gained as a loss for the sake of Christ,everything else will be less important.No wonder,you see people still hoard their possessions,thinking they are too important to be given out because they don’t see God as number one on their list. If God is your priority, no amount will be too big to give as an offering to him. Doing these things have their rewards, if you hoard your possessions, see Ananais and Saphira’s example. If you give generously to God, see Solomon’s reward. As you do unto God, so will he do unto you. If you make God your priority, you will be able to make a declarative statement of ‘Jesus,it’s all of you or nothing.’ If you make God your priority, you will find it easy to obey the word of the Lord as seen in Matthew 6:33, and also desiring the things above and not temporal things of this world. If you make God your priority, things will happen in the right times for you. God is the owner of time, Ecclesiastes 3 talks about time,God himself will lead you through life,helping you hit the target at the best moment always. Make God your priority and everything else will bow to your superiority. Because God will be your superiority. Remember, Moses, after a 40 day meeting with God, the people could not look at his face, it was so bright. Remember Stephen, the glory that enveloped him so close to death. Make God the centre of your life and good things will revolve around you always.

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