Imagine the good that water does to a marathon runner during a race. Invaluable, right? If normal water can be that much of a blessing, how much more will the living water be to those who drink it? That’s exactly what we would examine in this piece about ‘’the living water’’.
As Christians, we are on a journey to eternity. Some call it a race; some, a walk. Whatever we call this journey, it is a sojourn that demands a lot of energy and determination. 
The energy required is spiritual and fortunately, we have an endless and ready supply of it if we are careful enough to connect to this source and draw from it. Jesus is our source of energy. He’s ‘the living water’ that quenches our thirst on our journey to eternity.
When we are weary and tired; when life’s turmoil seems to have us caged in; when troubles come after our very souls, he’s our ready source of renewal and strength. In John 4:14(NLT), the lord says ‘But those who drink the water that I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life’’. That says it all!
So beloved, whenever you feel tired and at the point of giving up, just say it out loud to him ‘’Lord, please quench this thirst of my soul and renew my energy’’. Like he implored the Samaritan woman to ask for the living water in John 4:10, you can ask too. Please, do so today and stay ever vibrant and alive in this race to eternity!
God bless you more.

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