Appreciate your spiritual leader.

The Philippians are a model to be observed when it comes to ministerial support. They were a congregation that were open-handed and so they were expressly blessed. They were not the only congregation that the Apostle Paul oversaw,yet they were specially recognised for their generosity towards him. They didn’t shift the responsibility of supporting the man of God to the other churches, they stepped up and played their part. Amongst others, they stood out because they saw it necessary to bless the man of God and they were divinely blessed by the Lord’s servant in return. 

When you take God’s servants’ welfare personal, you are putting out yourself for divine special recognition.Whenever you bless a servant of God and make him or her happy in the course of serving the Lord, your life will never be gloomy because the Lord will always bless you. As long as you truly abide in Christ Jesus, whenever you meet their needs, definitely, God will meet yours too. As you water, you get watered too. If God has blessed you so much and you see a need in the life of spiritual leader, please be a tool in the hands of God to meet that need. Maybe you were even blessed to meet that purpose in the first place, so in essence you will be fulfilling purpose as you meet those needs you see. Please do not have a nonchalant attitude towards your spiritual leader’s welfare. Be concerned. If you are wealthy and the spiritual leader of your congregation seems to be in need of certain things that you could bless him or her with,  and despite several calls for help, you harden your heart not to give, please know that you have failed to do what is right and you will be accountable to God.

You might want to say, ‘God will meet the need anyway’. Yes, God is the one who takes care of his servants and he will definitely not abandon them. However,a wise person seizes an opportunity to be blessed when chanced.When you sight an opportunity to invest in God’s fertile vineyard, please do so with all enthusiasm and joy because he will surely pay you more in return than you ever gave.Seeing that need is an opportunity while meeting that need is wisdom in action. Appreciating your spiritual leader is another way of serving the most high God because ultimately, it is him that gets appreciated in their lives.

Also, appreciating them could come in various other kinds aside giving. You could pray for them in your privacy, put in a good word for them whenever you are opportuned to, expressly tell them how much their ministry blesses you amongst so many other instances.The philippians blessed Paul and he pronounced a profound blessing upon them in return as seen here:

‘And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.’ 
Philippians 4:19 (NLT)

God honours the words of his servants.If you want an unusual blessing too, bless your spiritual leader in an unusual way and as they pronounce blessings upon you for your generosity, believe God for a turnaround that will last even through posterity. Be patient enough to wait for the blessings as God will never disappoint you.

God bless you more.

Keep giving. Keep loving. Keep serving.



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