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Parts of the lyrics of ‘Man of Sorrows’ by Hillsong United say:

‘Now my debt is paid, it is paid in full,by the precious blood, that my Jesus spilled, now the curse of sin, has no hold on me, whom the son sets free, oh is free indeed’

My friend, incomparable joy resides in the hearts of those who live in the freedom that the son of God gives! Until Jesus Christ,the son of God sets you free,you are not free.

‘So if the son sets you free,you are truly free.’ John 8:36(NLT)

There is freedom in no one except Christ Jesus. He is the only source of eternal freedom. Whoever lives in sin,lives in slavery,and until deliverance comes,that person remains a slave.Jesus Christ is the deliverer.He is that new life.He is also the  giver of freedom that never ends,as long as you faithfully abide in him.If you are tired…

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