Keep the rest,beat the stress(Part 3)

The Lights' Blog

‘So let us do our best to enter that rest. But if we disobey God,as the people of Israel did,we will fall.’ Hebrews 4:11(NLT)

God has made rest available to his people and only by faith can one come into this rest. Beloved,please do not harden your heart, rather,yield to the Holy Spirit and let him guide you through. Jesus Christ,our saviour,has made all provisions for us,including rest. A divine rest,that supersedes all the troubles that appear along the way as we journey home.

So,my friends,whatever might want to stress you or might even be stressing you at the moment can never be as great as the rest which is available to you in Christ Jesus. Be it academic,marital,financial or any other sort of burden. God’s rest is more than enough for you. Just close your heart to fear and open your eyes to faith and  see the rest the…

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