Are you ready?(The Preparation)

You must have been thinking ‘ready for what?’ in response to the interrogative title of this post. Ultimately, you must be ready for the Lord’s return as a believer. This post is to encourage you to examine your readiness ‘for the next level’.

A lot of people including myself aspire to reach levels higher than we are presently,a better land, greater pastures etc.Fortunately,God as a wonderful father has the best of fortunes ready for his children. So, as a heir of God, be rest assured of a golden future with Christ by your side. However, there is an important question that you need to answer, ‘are you ready for that future?’

Let’s learn from Esther’s story. Esther, Mordecai cousin, was  a young woman who was fortunate to be among the young women selected as potential replacements for Queen Vashti who had been dethroned by King Ahasuerus. In Esther 2:12, it is recorded that there was a special treatment that each of the young women had to go through. This was a stage of preparation. In other words, to be at their best, to be good enough for the king, they had to be made ready. Even though they were good enough to have been chosen in the first instance, they had to be made ready for the higher position they were aspiring to be at. This means that one might need some requisite skills to succeed at a higher level. Only when one possesses the finesse and skills needed, can one be deemed ready for that higher level. Friend, are you ready? Do you think that you have all the boxes checked? That higher level that you are aiming for could require more technicality and poise, do you have those already? You might possess the natural talents needed to exist at that level you are aiming for like the young women did, but to succeed at that higher level, you need to polish and sharpen those talents.You need to be prepared like the young women were, you need to be at your best. Being ‘good’ is not ‘good enough’, at the top, only the best is good enough. So, to consider yourself ready for that top level, check to see that you are at your best. And if you are, then congratulations on having the father’s grace as an advantage to succeed.

A lot of times you could hear people complaining about the lack of opportunities, but the truth is, are they ready were the opportunities to come right now?  Can they fill the shoes that they are asking for? If you are really determined to reach that height, my friend, then you must be at your best.

”You don’t conquer Everest, thinking and climbing like you do to reach an upper bunk of a double-decker.”

”If 4-foot deep pool is your domain of excellence, you had better learn floating skills to survive in the Pacific.”

The quotes above are to buttress the importance of you being ready to reach and conquer that next level.

Pray to the father for help so that you will be able do all that you have to do to be ready when the call comes in for the next level.

Stay victorious!

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