A step of faith.

‘When Isaac planted his crops that year, he harvested a hundred times more grain than he planted, for the Lord blessed him.’
Genesis 26:12(NLT)
That year in which Isaac planted and reaped a hundredfold was a year in which a severe famine had struck the land. It wasn’t the optimum condition for any farmer to sow seeds under, however, he did it, the Lord blessed him and he was extremely successful.

Friend, sincerely, it is not every time that one wants to undertake a laudable project that one gets the best of conditions. Sometimes, the projected start date might even coincide with the worst conditions ever. This should however not deter one as long as two criteria are met.

First, what is the Lord saying? If the Lord says ‘go ahead’, please obey him instead of the instinct of ‘no’. He owns the universe and he knows better than you do, so trust him with your treasure. So, you need to know what the Lord has to say concerning your project and only if you have a cordial relationship with him can you enjoy this divine consultancy. The second criterion to be met is that of having your seed ready. The seed here refers to everything you need to succeed in the mission, both physical and intellectual. If you have all these ready and the Lord has given you his approval, then you can march on,irrespective of what the physical conditions are saying. Having met the criteria, you have to step out with courage. Don’t be rooted to that spot in fear. Move! If the Lord has promised to bless the work of your hands and you refuse to proceed, please know that you are standing as a barrier to the promised blessing. If Isaac hadn’t sowed the seeds, what grains would have been multiplied? If you don’t step out in faith, what work would be blessed?

It is however important to know that any move devoid of these criteria being met is not a wise one. Don’t go out in fierce conditions without being ready and knowing what God has said. If one fails, it is due to a lack of understanding.

May the Lord bless you with the vision, courage and preparedness that you need to succeed.

I look forward to your testimony of success.


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